Stainless steel IBCs - Intermediate Bulk Containers

Stainless Steel IBCs
Stainless Steel IBCs

IPI Global supplies a comprehensive range of Stainless steel IBCs (in 304, 316, 316L etc),
with or without UN certification, to meet the highest requirements
for bulk container storage, transport and handling of goods
in a wide range of different fields.
The product range includes standard IBCs such as tank,
round and silo containers (from 450L up to 3.000L)
as well as special customized containers.
These can be made according to customer requirements
(eg. internal coatings, different wall thicknesses or steel types)
and specific applications.

Stainless steel IBCs are typically used in the pharmaceutical
and chemical industries for hazardous products
or to protect the high-grade substances
in the containers from contamination
as well as in the food industry for better product handling
and for cleaning and hygienic reasons.
They are used for storing, filling, mixing, heating,
discharging and transporting dangerous liquid and solid goods
in accordance with ADR/RID regulations.

The main application fields for the Stainless steel IBCs and special containers are:
chemicals and petrochemicals, paints and lacquers,
foodstuffs and aromatic compounds, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics,
resins and sealants, additives and aerosols,
construction chemicals, waste disposal, etc.

IPI Global Stainless steel IBCs and bulk containers offer the following advantages:

Equipment and accessories
A comprehensive range of additional equipment for mixing, cooling and heating,
as well as special internal coatings and individually specified slope angles
can be incorporated into each system.
Tested and approved discharge valves and coupling elements
guarantee safe and effective operation,
also when used in automatic filling and discharge systems, for instance.

For additional information and enquiries
about Stainless steel IBCs
please contact Schäfer for a quotation.